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Important to read:


The security of our guests is paramount.  COVID-19 has presented so many challenges, tragedies and triumphs for every country of the world - and as 'The World' comes to Orlando, we've made special arrangements for your safty.


We are following all guidelines and recommendations from the state and local governments, as well as the CDC.  We are keeping at least 30 hours between reservations to allow our cleaning crews adequate time to properly disinfect.  


We are also following the SAFEHOME Vacation Rental Housekeeping Professional (VRHP) and Vacation Rental Management Association (VRMA) Cleaning Guidelines for COVID-19 which can be found here:  A deep cleaning of our homes was completed before we re-opened to guests,


We strongly urge you to have adequate travel insurance and that it covers costs concerning illness, cancellation and repatriation due to Covid19  We have always worked with guests to ensure that you have the best possible experience with us but with Covid19 a known condition you should protect your holiday with appropriate insurance.  Our house will be open for business unless the State of Florida issues a declaration that vacation rentals must be closed for a specified amount of time.

Finally, the rules of contact, quarantine and isolation change on a regular basis - sometimes even daily.  While we diligently update our website, the guidelines written here may have changed since we published on 5th June 2020.  We will always send you current terms and conditions at the time of booking, but if you have any specific queries or concerns, please do contact us.  We will answer you generally within 24 hours.

Many thanks for your understanding.

Polly & Joe

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